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Positive i want a vch but throwing around the thought of a triangle also. Your opinion on it? Start w vch and work from there? Or do it all at once to get it over with? Aesthetically which is more appealing? Price ranges to expect? Healing time?

Thaaat would all depend on your anatomy. So we’d have to start from there!

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How come piercers even do Christinas? Aren't they a pain in the ass, especially if they reject (and they usually do, right?)? I thought piercers evaluated pros and cons and decided not to do something if it's not worth it on the long run

A well done christina with proper jewelry will last a good long time

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monicals or papa johns?

Papa John’s

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avanti's or la gondola?

La gondola.

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Come visit me and I'll promise you a fun night and in the morning I'll wake you with a blowie and make breakfast in nothing but a pair of boy shorts. Sound like a plan?

Whoooaaaa. It’d help tremendously to know who you are.

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For or against: Being sent naughty pictures by random people.

Send em.

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have you done many Christina piercings?

I have!

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I've got a big ol internet crush on you and I totally want to come get pierced by you but I'm kinda like nervous to look you in the face cos you're hella cute and it'll make me blush and fumble words like a dork.

Awe. Well you should get piecered! :D

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Are you an alcoholic? Or a drug addict? Did you ever had a problem with that?

I am not and I am not and I have not. I grew up with parents that were all that, I’m not about to do that to myself or the people around me.

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Do you/ have you ever played any instruments?
A reply from tobiasxva

I played trumpet as a kid, but never really enjoyed it much.

I’d like to play drums, but for now I just play around with a practice pad occasionally.


saxophone was better. And drums are tight; I miss playing.  But ryanafeagin kills it on a drum set.

Aweeee thanks babes :*